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Cross-Plateform mobile applications, a dream becomes reality!3



Since the appearance of smart-phones, mobile development has been done in separate islands, with each island having it's own set of traditions and languages, "Objective-C", "Java", ".Net"......
So the demand for a cross platform technologies has increased, and indeed a solutions emerged, in this article I'm going to explore the main three technologies out there, "rhodes", "PhoneGap", "Titanium Appcelerator".

How it works?

Despite the fact that each smart phone speaks a totally different language than others, they share one great advantage, that's they all have a web browser, so they all understand HTML, CSS and Javascript.
So, this is the entry point for any technique targeting cross-platform, all of them are frameworks target the smart phone's web browser, but they differ in details, which we'll be discussing later.

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