What's SPI for SMEs?

Software Process improvement for Small & Medium Enterprises, that’s awarded by ITIDA/SECC, and serves as a step toward being CMMI certified.

Why do we think it’s important?

We believe that a suitable/agile development process is the hidden force behind building great products, so SPI for SMEs was the first step for us to take us one step toward this goal, and we believed it should put us on the right way.

I had a tough couple of hours fighting with Rails helpers ; my desire was to include a helper inside another one to have a method of that other helper aliased, so I wrote the following:

module MyHelper
   include TheirHelper
   def their_method_with_my_mehtod
     puts their_method_without_my_method
   alias_method_chain :my_method, :their_method

I was following the steps mentioned here: 

To install RMagick gem, but I got the error


And the solution to this error was to install the dev package of Ruby, (ruby1.8-dev OR ruby1.9-dev)

After that, the installation worked fine.

A problem occurred to me, when I tried to migrate to use Flex 4.5 (Hero), that text in pop-ups, and text in combo lists isn't viewed and that, it's mirrored, after some goggling arround I've found that, it's a known issue with compatibility mode, and found this bug report with a word around. 

I've been received this error #2032, When I was trying to access internet from any Air application, after hours of hair pulling, and trying every possible solution (restart, reinstall Air) I found the reason....


It was that Internet Explorer is working in offline mode, and because I don't use IE, I've not noticed it's in offline mode, so guess what, putting IE in offline mode, stops AIR from using network.


So, putting IE back to online mode (from file menu, un-select the "Work offline" option).


Ah, I forgot to say how much I hate IE, and now I hate Adobe also, for tying Air to IE.