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Expand Component Height with Unknown Value in Flex

If you have a collapsed component with height = 0 and want to expand this component and you don't know what will be the new height value. The only info you have is that you want to expand it. How will you set the new height value ?!!


var dumyNumber:Number; // just NaN mycomponent.height = dumyNumber; That is all :). But if you tried the following it will not work:

mycomponent.height = NaN; // won't work only assigned to a variable is valid

You can also set mycomponent.percentHeight = 100. But what if you want to make a resize transition? In this case you must set heightTo value to NaN
My case was as the following:

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Using Windows Live Contacts in Ruby1

You can use Windows Live SDK to get user contacts. To get start using this APIs you mush follow the following steps: 

  1. Register your application.

  2. Install and run the sample application for your platform.

  3. Request consent from the Windows Live ID user.

  4. Parse the consent token to obtain the delegation token.

  5. Use the delegation token to access an allowed offer and action. 

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