Carpenters Helper's

A sophisticated iPhone application which includes a lot of functions and features that help carpenters in their daily jobs. With its easy-to-use layout & features, it blows $80 stand-alone construction calculators out of the water; and at less than 10% of the cost! view more info



No more cold rigid mail grids, It’s the time to touch, feel, personalize, your in and out posts like real mail. You can see your email messages in a 3D realistic view that shows your mail box with real metaphors, like envelopes, stamp, ... view more info


Anytime Card

AnyTime Card is the fast, easy way to send personal information, business cards and other types of information to new and existing contacts, or for that matter just about anyone. view more info



A real time alarm notification application that shows intrusion alarms on Google maps with the ability to control and view on-site PTZ cameras. view more info



Voicecloud is the premier provider of true, next-generation, real-time voice-to-text transcription services. view more info



OnlineTakeoff allows users to upload large images of architectural drawings and gives them the ability of annotating drawings with lines, points, areas and notes. view more info


25 Jan - The Egyptian White Revolution

We have created this app for those who want to know about the revolution and make them feel as they were there, in Egypt.. living with the uprising through photos and comments. view more info


What We Do

BadrIT delivers production ready iPhone and Ruby on Rails applications. If you plan to develop an iPhone or a web application for your business, drop us a message.

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